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Sep 18 2011

General Cover Comments

In my current position as a teacher I strive to motivate and promote the creativity
of my students and colleagues with my level of commitment and positive attitude. I have
always believed in collaboration; and, I work hard to combine many different ideas into
one feasible model with achievement and consistency always acting as the backbone of
any action plan. If an issue demands attention I always try to rally as many teachers as I
can to begin the collaborative process in an effort to address the issue. This has been my
reputation since I began my teaching career. I have used this process to address a variety
of issues that range from developing a new, standards-based curriculum, to revising the
traffic flow model at my school to ensure that students are getting into the classroom on
time. As a member of the school faculty I can also incorporate my technology
background and experience using a fully-integrated and dynamic online curriculum to
accomplish the educational goals of the school. I believe the appropriate use of
technology strategies and programs, including video feedback for comprehensive lesson
review, implementation of plans for students, and most importantly, for remediation, is
another way in which I would begin to support student achievement.

I find these comments just as debatable each day. Do I strive for perfection: YES! Do I reach it, not everyday. And I wonder, How often does our work and need for changing the culture of everyone around us fall shorter than we measure? My practice will promote continuous improvement from today onward, but only at the cost of consistent development of the right tools.

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